We've planted 1500 coffee trees in Uganda!

You may have seen our blog post over the weekend, telling you all about our 'One 4 One' project.

Since we opened our doors in 2017, we have planted 1500 coffee trees at our project sites in Uganda! This is something that we're very proud of, and we hope that by the end of this year, we will see our first harvest, which means sustainable income generated at our project sites in the village of Kihembe, Uganda.

We're growing our coffee in Uganda organically and we've experienced some challenges as a result. The recent changes in climate has meant that much of the coffee has been burnt during unusually long dry seasons, and we've seen an increase in pests that are very stubborn!

Due to our insistence on our coffee being organic, we're now investing in environmentally friendly, organic pesticides that are being utilised across Kanungu district by innovative coffee farmers who are trying to produce the best crop that they can.

Although it's more expensive than chemical pesticides, we know that in the long term it will help the quality of our coffee and allow the soil to retain much of its quality, which will enable us to continue growing other crops on our coffee plantation.

Byamukama Bright, our agricultural officer in Uganda, is also currently undertaking a process known as 'gap filling' where he is planting new coffee seeds in our plantation where other crops have failed.

It's thanks to your wonderful support that we can employ Bright to manage and maintain our coffee plantation, and also plant so many trees in Uganda. When we are able to harvest them at the end of the year, we can't wait to share stories with you as to how the money will be spent to support people's livelihoods in the village.

Your custom and support means so much to us!

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