Tie Up The Lion: An Insight Into Voluntourism

Did you know that Ross has published a book about volunteering in Africa? You can download it from Amazon here.

The book is a result of much of the research that Ross carried out over a two year period into the world of ‘Voluntourism.’ He also reflects on the time that he spent in Uganda as a voluntourist and tries to encourage young people to avoid placements in developing countries that often, inadvertently, do more harm than good.

To download Tie Up The Lion as an e-book, or to buy a copy for yourself, you can do so via Amazon.

A full description of the book can be found below:
Thinking of traveling the world or volunteering abroad?
You might soon become one of the millions of people who participate in ‘Voluntourism’ every year. The unregulated sector is becoming increasingly popular with young, Western backpackers seeking to make a positive contribution to the world around them.
Well meaning voluntourists spend time in the poorest countries in the world building schools, digging wells and teaching English under the auspice of ‘Making a Difference’. But does their involvement do more harm than good?
Tie Up The Lion explores how young people’s motivations to ‘save the world’ often have alarming, unforeseen negative consequences on the lives of the very people they are trying to help. Some voluntourists unwittingly become involved in placements that exploit children, line the pockets of unscrupulous for profit companies and wreak havoc across local communities.
This Kindle Book will help you to avoid such placements and discover positive, impactful ways in which you can contribute to the world around you.
Some of the topics covered throughout this book include:
What is Voluntourism?
Voluntourism V Volunteering
Motivations to save the world
The White Savior Industrial Complex
The Impact of Money
Unintended consequences
And Many Other considerations…

Ross would absolutely love to hear your feedback and he invites you to send him an email directly if you would like to share your thoughts or raise any questions about the book. You can contact him at ross@zuriprojectuganda.co.uk


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