The Bora 'One 4 One' Project

It's with great delight that we have launched our 'One 4 One' coffee project.

The premise is very simple: for every 250g bag of Bora Coffee that you buy, we donate the necessary funds to plant one coffee tree at one of our project sites in Kihembe, Uganda.

The project is primarily a drive for sustainability.

In order for our charitable projects to have a lasting impact in Uganda, we need to incorporate income generating strategies into their design and implementation. In Kihembe, conditions for growing coffee are good, and we have a highly skilled team in place in Uganda who are able to manae the growth of coffee at our three project sites in the village: Kishunju Nursery and Primary School, Kihembe Secondary School & Kihembe Health Centre II.

Coffee takes between 3-5 years to grow and harvest, but when it is ready to be harvested after careful cultivation, the money that can be made is proportionately high for the local economy.

The money generated from the coffee sites is directly funded back into the projects.

For example, at Kishunju school, the money could contribute to teacher salaries, reducing the stress of parents who desperately look for school fees each term; at the secondary school the money could be used to buy important scholastic materials such as textbooks and exercise books; and finally at the health centre the money could be used to buy invaluable medicines that are prohibitively expensive for an underfunded local health care facility.

In time, it is our dream to work with coffee growers in Kihembe to produce a crop that we could potentially import to the UK and sell at Bora. Whilst this is ambitious, we believe that we can do it, although it is likely to take us a while as we want to ensure that the coffee is of the highest possible quality!


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