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A new kitchen during lockdown in Uganda!

We thought that we'd bring you some good news from The Zuri Project. In spite of being locked down by COVID-19, the team in Uganda managed to build a new kitchen at Kishunju Nursery & Primary School. Read on to hear more about it! Just before the nationally enforced lock down due to COVID-19 began, our team in Uganda were busy constructing a new kitchen block at Kishunju Nursery and Primary School. Back at the beginning of March, we held a meeting at Kishunju with the board members of the school, the teaching staff and members of the PTA to listen to their concerns and to learn about their priorities for the school going forward. The meeting was fruitful and...

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Bora Coffee & The Zuri Project: What's our relationship?

You've probably seen us refer to Bora and The Zuri Project interchangeably, and that's because a lot of the time our work overlaps! To start chronologically, The Zuri Project actually came first. The organisation was born in 2015 and was co-founded by Ross, who is CEO of Bora. The purpose of The Zuri Project is to partner with Ugandan organisations in the district of Kanungu to support a variety of development projects that improve community wellbeing in some way. The main partner of The Zuri Project is Opportunity Africa, a Ugandan registered NGO that operates solely in the village of Kihembe. This is the village in which all of the projects that have been funded by Zuri operate. You can...

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Kihembe Food Outreach During COVID-19 Crisis

It’s a difficult time for citizens of the world right now and we’ve all been affected by COVID-19 in some way. Many people in Kihembe (the village where many of our social projects take place) are suffering food shortages as they cannot travel to their gardens and/or shops, and therefore cannot provide adequate food for their families. Therefore, we are hoping to raise enough money to support our charitable partners (The Zuri Project & Opportunity Africa) to purchase food for as many families as possible, in an attempt to lighten their burden during this lockdown. Anything you can contribute will be gratefully received. We have identified 170 families who we hope will benefit from our support. It is our intention...

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