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Improving our coffee plantation at Kihembe Secondary School

In 2017, we planted 1500 coffee trees at Kihembe Community Vocational Secondary School (KCVSS) as part of our commitment towards sustainability. The idea was to provide the school with a sustainable income generating source, independent of fee-paying students, which could allow the school management committee to buy essential scholastic materials, textbooks and teacher resources that would improve the quality of education delivered at the school.  Three years on, we’re delighted that the first crop of coffee is ready to be harvested later this year. We aren’t expecting a great deal, but we’re thrilled that we’re taking a step in the right direction. We decided that we wanted to grow only organic coffee and avoided all pesticides and fertilisers. While we’re...

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Around the world with Bora: El Salvador

After a quick stop in Africa, we're back to the Americas this month, heading for the beautiful central American nation of El Salvador, to bring you something very sweet and very special. This coffee from El Salvador is from the Las Isabellas farm and is a mixture of Pacamara and Bourbon. Las Isabellas is located on the south face of "Cerran Grande" of Apaneca, at an altitude of 1200 - 1450m. Las Isabellas is covered by 175 acres of natural forest, broken by natural springs and waterfalls. The origin farm of this coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified, owned by Jose Roberto Santamaria who operates his family's coffee estate.  Expect a sweet, mild coffee with delicious flavours of plums and chocolate! Order...

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The Bora 'One 4 One' Project

It's with great delight that we have launched our 'One 4 One' coffee project. The premise is very simple: for every 250g bag of Bora Coffee that you buy, we donate the necessary funds to plant one coffee tree at one of our project sites in Kihembe, Uganda. The project is primarily a drive for sustainability. In order for our charitable projects to have a lasting impact in Uganda, we need to incorporate income generating strategies into their design and implementation. In Kihembe, conditions for growing coffee are good, and we have a highly skilled team in place in Uganda who are able to manae the growth of coffee at our three project sites in the village: Kishunju Nursery and...

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