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Improving our coffee plantation at Kihembe Secondary School

In 2017, we planted 1500 coffee trees at Kihembe Community Vocational Secondary School (KCVSS) as part of our commitment towards sustainability. The idea was to provide the school with a sustainable income generating source, independent of fee-paying students, which could allow the school management committee to buy essential scholastic materials, textbooks and teacher resources that would improve the quality of education delivered at the school.  Three years on, we’re delighted that the first crop of coffee is ready to be harvested later this year. We aren’t expecting a great deal, but we’re thrilled that we’re taking a step in the right direction. We decided that we wanted to grow only organic coffee and avoided all pesticides and fertilisers. While we’re...

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Arabica v Robusta

Are we really getting into this? We are indeed! We think it's an important topic and we think that robusta coffee has a lot more to it than some of us may think. As a preamble to this blog post, I want to refer you to a short interview I did with Joshua Rukundu, a coffee expert in Kanungu district in Uganda, as he explores some of the differences between robusta and arabica. I want to keep this post concise, so I'm going to outline what I believe the three main differences between arabica and robusta coffee. There are more and feel free to continue your research further, this is by no means an exhaustive list. 1. Taste I'm starting...

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