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Around the world with Bora: El Salvador

After a quick stop in Africa, we're back to the Americas this month, heading for the beautiful central American nation of El Salvador, to bring you something very sweet and very special. This coffee from El Salvador is from the Las Isabellas farm and is a mixture of Pacamara and Bourbon. Las Isabellas is located on the south face of "Cerran Grande" of Apaneca, at an altitude of 1200 - 1450m. Las Isabellas is covered by 175 acres of natural forest, broken by natural springs and waterfalls. The origin farm of this coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified, owned by Jose Roberto Santamaria who operates his family's coffee estate.  Expect a sweet, mild coffee with delicious flavours of plums and chocolate! Order...

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Arabica v Robusta

Are we really getting into this? We are indeed! We think it's an important topic and we think that robusta coffee has a lot more to it than some of us may think. As a preamble to this blog post, I want to refer you to a short interview I did with Joshua Rukundu, a coffee expert in Kanungu district in Uganda, as he explores some of the differences between robusta and arabica. I want to keep this post concise, so I'm going to outline what I believe the three main differences between arabica and robusta coffee. There are more and feel free to continue your research further, this is by no means an exhaustive list. 1. Taste I'm starting...

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