Locked down in Uganda

I've seen reports on various media sources about UK nationals being 'stranded' in various locations across the world, including Uganda. 

Although I may be categorised in that bracket, I certainly wouldn't say I'm stranded! Uganda is a beautiful place at the best of times and during this lockdown, the peace and tranquility of the Ugandan countryside has been grounding. 

It seems that COVID-19 has effected almost every country on earth and Uganda is no exception. Although there are comparatively few cases here when compared to the US, UK and other parts of Europe, the lockdown measures imposed by the government have been strict and long.

Being forced to stay at home (for the majority of the time) hasn't been all that bad. I'm staying with friends, enjoying the weather and there's always food on the table!

The countryside here in Kanungu district really is stunning. Taking walks through the many plantations is thoroughly enjoyable, and meeting people along the way has increased the time I've been able to spend with residents and I've made many new friends during the lockdown.

Whilst it would be nice to have a bit more freedom of movement, I understand why we aren't currently allowed to drive around (unless we have permission to do so) and until the virus is under control I can't see that changing.

One thing I'm missing for sure is my Bora fix! Although with the quality of coffee on offer here, I really am spoiled for choice.

I hope that wherever you are in the world, you're staying safe and keeping positive. I'm sure at some stage we will all emerge from the other end of this current crisis and be more grateful for the things that we have and cherish.

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