Happy Martyrs Day

Martyrs day is a big deal in Uganda, with many people literally walking across the country to celebrate and commemorate. However due to COVID19, this year's Martyrs day will be noticeably different.

Ugandans are very religious in general and Martyrs day is a day where Christians come together to remember the persecution and ultimate murder of Christians who were put to death for their religious beliefs between the period of November 1885 and December 1887.

Given the significance of the term 'martyr' - many Ugandans celebrate June 3rd as a way of respecting the fact that throughout history, many believers preferred death to the renunciation of their religious beliefs.

Even if you're not religious, I believe there's an important lesson to be taken from the way in which Martyrs Day is revered here in Uganda.

Given my post yesterday entitled Black Lives Matter, I am of the opinion that regardless of your circumstance, you should stick to your beliefs and defend them at all costs. Choosing the right path is not always easy, but it's necessary if we are to live in a world harmoniously with people of other colours, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

Collectively at Bora, we wish all of our Ugandan friends and colleagues who are celebrating Martyrs Day today a very happy day.

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