Cold Brew @ Home: The Bora Way

Experimenting with cold brew coffee is fun and we believe that each coffee bean benefits from being brewed in slightly different ways.

For our cold brew @ Bora HQ, we use our popular Rwandan Missouzi coffee, and we've adapted the process and recipe to make it simple for you to follow and try for yourself at home!

We strongly believe that using coffees with fruity tones (such as our Missouzi) works beautifully for cold brew as the longer extraction time allows for many of these delicious flavours to come out in the finished brew.

First things first - there are many different ways of creating cold brew coffee. We use the immersion method, which simply means that the coffee grounds are submerged in the water for the duration of the brewing period. Drip cold brew methods are becoming popular and for good reason - they taste delicious! But at home, we recommend immersion. Here's what we recommend:

1. Weigh out beans with a ratio of approx. 15:1 - so for every 15ml of water, you should use 1g of coffee. Therefore, if producing a 300ml cold brew, we recommend using 20g of coffee.

2. Grind your beans. We recommend you grind your beans coarsely - more so than french press, so they have a breadcrumb like consistency.

3. Add the coffee grounds to a glass jug or large glass. Cover the beans with the required amount of room temperature water - filtered is always best.

4. Cover the glass or jug with cling film. Put in the fridge and leave for 18 hours to brew.

5. Once the time has passed, you need to filter your coffee. The easiest way to do so at home is to add the contents of your glass to a french press or cafetiere and plunge slowly.

6. Add ice (if required) to a glass and serve. Milk/cream can also be added.

You can batch brew cold brew coffee so you don't have to do it everyday and it keeps fresh and tasty for quite a few days!

If you make cold brew at home in a different way, then please let us know and share your method in the comments section below!

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