Bora Coffee & The Zuri Project: What's our relationship?

You've probably seen us refer to Bora and The Zuri Project interchangeably, and that's because a lot of the time our work overlaps!

To start chronologically, The Zuri Project actually came first. The organisation was born in 2015 and was co-founded by Ross, who is CEO of Bora. The purpose of The Zuri Project is to partner with Ugandan organisations in the district of Kanungu to support a variety of development projects that improve community wellbeing in some way.

The main partner of The Zuri Project is Opportunity Africa, a Ugandan registered NGO that operates solely in the village of Kihembe. This is the village in which all of the projects that have been funded by Zuri operate. You can read the Zuri blog to familiarise yourself with some of their projects if you're interested.

Bora came along in 2017 and as part of our ethical promise, we provide funding to The Zuri Project to support the charity's work in the village of Kihembe. Much of the funding we provide is used to support projects that are led by Opportunity Africa, but we also (naturally) support projects that have coffee at the centre.

For example, the biggest project that we've funded so far is the planting of 1500 coffee trees at Kihembe Vocational Secondary School. This is part of our One 4 One project and you can read about it here. The reason we've planted these coffee trees is to provide the school with a sustainable income generating source and to promote responsible and ethical coffee growing practices in the village.

Every month, we give financial support to The Zuri Project and it's thanks to your custom that we can continue to do this. We thank you for your continued support of our work in Uganda, and if you would like to make a one off donation to The Zuri Project you can do so safely and securely by following this link.

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